Customer Engagement with Smart Receipts

Bring customers online after the sale to create invaluable Digital Footprint for engagement


Why Smart Receipts?

In the digital world, customers are demanding experience. Mobile and Social data are key drivers which help retailers target customer better and engage with them meaningfully. In current scenario Physical retailers lack these pre-requisites for having impactful engagement strategy




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Powerful Application. Better Suite.

Each time we add value for our customers, We fuel our own product offerings.
And we’re working to enable millions of retailers to do the same. To do so,
we evolved from an application to a powerful suite...

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Marketers have always struggled with click open rate to get impression for their campaigns.

Popular Features:

  1.  Add new channels for engagement
  2.  Realtime coupons for up-sell and cross-sell
  3.  Refer a Friend
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operationsRetail Operations

Karnival suit helps in operational excellence by streamlining various activities under single umbrella.

Popular Features:

  1.  Surveys, feedback, NPS
  2.  Faster checkout
  3.  Store level dashboard
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information technologyIT infrastructure 

Karnival helps you store data centrally to enable smooth flow of data across various departments.

Popular Features:

  1. Future proof Technology
  2. SAAS and On-premise deployment
  3. Data Security 

loyaltyLoyalty Boost 

We help you boost personalised engagement with your customers to increase emotional relationships.

Popular Features:

  1. Collect invaluable profile data
  2. Personalised engagement
  3. Rewards driven engagements

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Monthly Transactions


Countries Reach


Click open rate


Adoption rate


Increase in engagement


Web-push subscription


Customer persona


Increase in Validated Emails

Choose Receipt Delivery Channel

Start sending receipts through wide range of delivery channels, every delivery channel adds a new engagement channel when your customer opts in.



Compliance, Prevent Theft and Fraud

Receipts generated are stored and signed with strong hash-key, Which can be authenticated by click of a Button. This makes it Tax Compliant worldwide

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Go paperless or go to Mars

We are here to create impact through innovation

It takes about 1500 Litre of oil to produce one ton of paper. Almost with every transaction at least single piece of paper is printed somewhere in the supply chain

These printed receipt or document is stored for certain period of time and then in the end lands in garbage. Thanks to paper recycling companies which are very few in number these papers are recycled and infused in the supply chain.

By creating digital documents, the carbon footprint can be reduced by 99% and then digital form of stored data from these documents can be utilised for further improvement of human lives.

We have pledged to bring paperless revolution and support every initiative taken in this direction by startups and corporations all round the world

Mother nature is whispering, allow me to help Humans!