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An integrated platform with Digital Receipts, Marketing Automation, Loyalty points, NPS, Surveys and Product Reviews.

Globally 210+ brands are elevating customer marketing with Karnival

How Karnival works?

Physical Store

Digital Store

Send Digital Receipts, Engage & Capture Customer Insights.

Integrated marketing platform for 3x more personalised marketing campaigns

CX management

Reviews & Ratings


Marketing Automation

Elevate cX at the most crucial touchpoint

State of the Art: Smart Receipt

Custom designs for you brand
Bank grade data security for customers personal data
Digital Signature on each document for IT & Legal compliances
Multiple delivery channels like Whatsapp, SMS, Email
Using our SDK send e-receipt through push notification tp your brand app

Connected & Omnichannel

Customer Experience

Analyze customer sentiments at various touchpoints in Physical and Digital Store formats
Boost response rate upto 10x through Integrated Digital receipts platform
Resolve complaints 30% faster with our integrated customer service platform

Omnichannel growth

Ratings and Reviews

Grow your ecommerce by 40% with our ratings & reviews platform
AI powered Content Moderations and Syndication available for platforms
Collect In-store ratings and reviews with the QR code technology

marketing automation

Acquisition and Retention

Loyalty points
Customer registration
Personalised and dynamic offers
Raffle Draws
Referral Campaigns
Enrich first party data

Here’s what our customers say about us!

Bestseller India and Karnival for post purchase journeys

As a Customer Experience Strategy professional, it is my constant endeavour to improve customer experience across touchpoints. Deploying transformative digital solutions, assists in ensuring seamless customer journeys that lead to better Customer Retention and Customer Lifetime Value. Karnival team understand business requirements and partners in co-creating CX solutions promptly. From digital receipts to customer feedback, product status tracking, reaching out to the brand stores/ customer service teams, creating ticket workflows & analytics, we have accomplished multiple journeys in a single message. I recommend Karnival to any business who'd not only want to see their ideas come to life but also thrive in the long run.

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