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5 ways to earn Customer Loyalty?

January 23, 2024

Prasenjeet Shahi


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Win loyal customers forever! Learn 5 proven strategies to build trust, value & community. (Plus tips for your team!)

We often preach, "Loyalty is Royalty."

We are obsessed with the fact of having a loyal friend, a loyal partner, a loyal customer, a loyal dog, or a loyal toothpaste (if you may). Not retracting further, are we ready to pay what it takes to earn a loyal customer? We think we are, but when the push comes to test, it is easy to forget that behind those screens, the customer is a human who needs validation and wants to feel special. Thus, it is our responsibility to make the customers feel at home. Else, the competition is high, and the customer has a plethora of choices to put our brand in the back seat and move ahead.

Now that we have recalled the importance of loyal customers. Let us dig into,

What Stimulates Loyalty?

Even in this world full of choices, a fair percentage of consumers are loyal to their favorite brands. Why? Because people value their time and effort. Once they find a good quality product that is not hammering a hole in their pocket and provides consistent service, they stick to it.

So with this understanding of what encourages customer loyalty, let us focus on

How to earn Customer Loyalty?

Every shopaholic would agree that; Loyalty is an emotion, which cannot be bought but can only be earned. Now you might wonder, how? The idea is simple and lies under the following five pillars:

1. Humanize The Experience

Consumers today are intelligent and aware. They know how to differentiate between a customized message and a blanket. People are demanding personalization; they want to be a noun in a world full of pronouns.

Only 22 percent of loyalty members are happy with the level of personalization they receive from brands.

It is time to practice Human to Human Marketing. Before you google, what is Human to Human Marketing? It is an approach to understand that, behind every business, customer, or profit/ non-profit body, there is a HUMAN and it is imperative to treat them like one.

2. Establish Brand Values

It is no hidden fact that the customers no longer merely buy from you. They invest in your values. Thus, they are not loyal to you, but to your values and your ethos. With the growing market, and abundance of options available, if the customer keeps returning, it is not just because of the product/service you offer but the values to stand for.

For example; Mama Earth’s "WE PLANT GOODNESS" campaign.

It is an initiative to link every order to a tree they shall grow. We all know how important it is to save the environment, especially now. If you want to grow your loyal customers, focus on a value that your customer can connect to and is valuable to the community. Treat them with what they want, and witness the magic around.

3. Build a Community

Everyone loves a sense of belonging and comfort. With these growing social media platforms and our ever-growing urge to gain social acceptance, building a community is easier than ever. Communities help brands in better customer engagement. Better engagement makes the customer feel empowered. And once they feel valued, they feel a sense of belonging, and there, the circle is complete. It is all value over matter. Once the customer feels needed, they will always return. Use these communities to invest in enhancing the customer experience through feedback and surveys.

A survey in 2021 showed that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service.

4. Build a Reliable Loyalty Program

There are no free lunches in this world. If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, you have to offer them some incentives. While this can attract customers to return but, if not implemented precisely, it can be a reason you lose that customer forever. Your program should give them a sense of reward and not a mere temptation. It is not about what you are offering; it can be a simple coupon or a free item. It is about how you deliver.

Karnival Suite helps you in personalizing your loyalty programs to reward your customers better.

5. Focus on Team Ethics

Your team is the face of your brand. It can either make or break your brand. You might have built an online community with great values and alluring rewards programs but, if the team does not share the same values, everything goes into vain.

67% of customers cite bad service as the main reason to not engage with the brand again

Invest time and resources to inculcate your brand values and aspirations in your team. Make sure your team understands how to enhance the customer experience and improve the fortuity of customer retention.

Invest Today, Interest Tomorrow

Lastly, it is imperative to focus on earning loyal customers. Invest in improving the customer experience, and make their purchase and Post-Purchase journey memorable. These satisfied customers will later become your loyal consumers and brand advocates, rewarding you for your investment. Well, what a win!

Thus asking for a friend, when do we stop preaching and start practicing?

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