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Four Customer-Centric Approach, Important to boost your customer loyalty

November 14, 2023

Nikhil Sharma

Vice President

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The digital shift is here! Discover how to prioritize customer needs, build trust, and offer a seamless post-purchase experience with smart receipts.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dynamics of the market have changed. The digital transformation that was expected to happen in the next five years or so, has happened in a span of few months. Customer sentiment has shifted and priorities have modified with an increase towards going digital.

Keeping up with the change and maintaining a customer-centric approach is key to sustaining these tough times. While the world is slowly coming out of what has been a very dramatic year, it is your responsibility, as a brand, to contribute in whatever way possible.

Following are a few ways to maintain a customer-centric approach in this crisis.

  1. Humanise, Empathise and Personalise
    Customers look up to brands that care for their people. A very major sentiment shift towards the environment was one of the most noticeable trends this year. Keeping up with the same, it is time to digitise your buyers’ post-purchase customer journey. With smart receipts, not only will you eliminate paper usage, but will also send across a message that you care about your people.
  2. Focus on customer wants and sentiments
    To add to what’s already been said, the need for digital has never been higher. Shopping from the smallest to the biggest of items, customers seek online stores. It is upon you to make them come back for more. Providing them with smart receipts from Karnival is just the way to do it. Not only will put you in good light but will enhance their post-purchase customer experience by adding offers, feedback options and more.  
  3. Adapt your product and service offerings
    91% of customers, according to Accenture, say that they are likely to shop with brands that offer them relevant offers and recommendations. Considering what to offer your customers from start to end is critical. Alignment of offers based on their past purchases will help you keep them engaged. Further, they are likely to return for more and even advocate your brand, eventually bringing more business.
  4. Invest in intelligence
    Digital platforms are the new consumer hubs. They bring together a vast variety of sellers and buyers and have a mammoth scale and efficiency. They also act as a great platform to collaborate with different competitors, fellow brands and even conceive new products and services. With smart receipts from Karnival, you can choose to create brand alliances from more than 50 brands that are already registered with us. It aids your business in, one - growing together with different brands while driving value, and two - enhancing post-purchase customer journey by providing offers to buyers.
In a world that has seen a sudden drift towards digital, earning your customers’ trust is the fine line between success and being left out. Digital Bills, Transformed into Smart Receipts or Bills by Karnival help you make a statement for your brand. When put to use, they can keep your buyers engaged while delivering the message of sustainability, reliance and a promise to deliver the best along with an improved post-purchase customer journey.

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