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How do Smart Receipts make Emotional Branding more powerful?

February 6, 2024

Nikhil Sharma

Vice President

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Turn emotions into sales! Learn how smart receipts build customer loyalty with personalized offers & post-purchase engagement.

One thing that drives humans is their emotions. From waking up early in the morning to running an extra mile or choosing your work attire, everything is predominated by our emotions.

Similarly, shopping and engaging with brands is no exception.

You must have heard, humans buy on emotion and justify with logic.

Thus, apart from the necessities, impulse buying is also a prime contributor to purchasing decisions.

And this is the retailer’s very chance to sell!

As a retailer, that micro-moment is your chance to convert a potential customer to a buyer. You only have to focus on offers that make a difference in their lives.

Being in accordance with the customer requirements will place your Brand in their good books. And will also help to gain customer trust and loyalty.

Who knew Emotions could help to gain customer loyalty?

Well, you know now.
I understand this whole focus on emotions could be a little overwhelming (ironic much!). Let’s understand

Importance of Catering Emotions

Creating a Branding strategy is not just a robotic process. There is a science behind it. Well, that could be an exaggeration.
But a successful strategy needs a keen understanding of the brand audience, their interests, and ways to harness their emotional connection. Yes, emotions are an absolute priority. After all, the strategy is going to target Humans and not just screens.
Haven’t you seen people fighting over

Dominos Vs Pizza Hut,

Or, Coke Vs Pepsi

You know it is not just the flavor that counts. It is all about the emotional connect!
According to CMO, “awareness and relevance can make a brand famous, emotional attraction makes it great.”

I know you are already on cloud nine, planning to make your Brand not just famous but great. Before I lose you to all the imagination, let us focus on

How do Smart Receipts Cater to your Customer Emotions?

Here are a few benefits of smart receipts which can help support your emotional branding strategies:

Better engagement, more value: Driving value through emotions adds to the post-purchase customer journey. Switching from the traditional receipt to smart receipt will let customers browse through relevant offers and one-of-a-kind deals encourages customers to engage more with the brands, helping you to convert those impulsive micro-moments into actual purchases.

As a brand, this should be your precise vision - adding value to make the buyer comfortable in exploring the offered deals and services.

Provide a cross-channel experience: Once the purchase is complete, it is time to derive more value. Cross-selling and brand alliances play an important role and give your buyers options to explore other channels while accessing other worthy deals. You can choose to promote different services or brands of your liking, making the post-purchase customer experience bliss.

Personalized offers and shopping experience: What makes a customer happy? Offers and benefits? Yes, but nothing tops Personalization. Personalization is key to a better customer experience.

Knowing about your customers’ purchase history and offering them deals based on their interests increases customer satisfaction. Statistics reveal that more than half of online shoppers agree that personalized offers mean valuable service.

Surveys and feedback by customers: Feedbacks and surveys are the best way to understand your customer and their expectations. But with traditional methods of collecting feedback, the customer data is lost, and the post-purchase journey is left broken.

Smart receipts, however, help in improving the feedback process.

Lastly, we are humans and not a pack of biscuits, that we will be content by just having a G at the end(I know that was lame, but I tried!).
Whether digital or physical, every shopping experience demands a post-purchase experience that is smooth, gratifying, and well organized. When the customers feel valued, they are likely to return and recommend your brand to their peers. Hence, catering to emotions is imperative to sell.

True love stories never have endings- Richard Bach.

Now, you can decide whether you want to keep playing with a G at the end or implement smart receipts and have a never ending story with your customers?

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