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How Gamification will Cheer your customers and earn their Everlasting loyalty?

December 19, 2023

Siddharth Mishra


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Turn customers into brand fans! Learn how to gamify e-receipts with scratch coupons, quizzes, & lucky draws to boost engagement & loyalty.

How about we play a small game? And we promise, whatever be the outcome, we will send you a gift.

Excited, aren’t we, just at the thought of winning something? A small gift, a prize perhaps, that makes us feel we’ve achieved something by just engaging in a fun activity. Say hello to gamification. A term that quite well holds the potential to turn around your post-purchase customer experience. Wondering how? Let’s start with the basics.

What is gamification?

It refers to borrowing the fun and engaging elements from games and applying them to your users’ online experience. For instance, adding a digital slot machine to your customers’ smart receipts with a promise of reward points that offer a discount on their next purchase.

Why gamification?

The first and foremost reason is public demand. Market trends have shown that users value gamification, and look out for applications/websites that offer such benefits. For this very reason PayTM, Google-Pay, Amazon, and Flipkart, have all been using gamification to let the users know that they are valued.

How can you reap the benefits of gamification when you give your customers smart receipts? Well, here’s how.

  1. Scratch coupons - A consumer buys your product. You send them a smart receipt. It has a scratch coupon that lets them earn a reward. Instant gratification of being a valued customer, and enhanced customer experience journey. Moreover, considering examples like Google Pay, you can send coupons that open up at a specified date and time, Keeping your customers interested and invested even after the sale.
  2. Quiz based rewards - When a brand offers its users something to look forward to, they are bound to come back. An exceptional way of doing that is by asking questions.
    Intrigue your customers with questions about your products and services that you want to highlight. Choose the questions wisely and keep them simple. In return for the answers, offer rewards to your customers. This lets you build customer loyalty, helps you create a better post-purchase experience, and makes sure your smart receipt serves its purpose.
  3. Monthly and weekly lucky draws - Post-purchase customer engagement is equally important as the quality of your products or services. Weekly and monthly lucky draws are a simple yet effective method to entice your customers, reward them with gifts, and keep them coming for more.
What is gamification?

A very recent campaign by CRED captures the essence of lucky draws very beautifully. Here’s how it works:
Maintain a credit score over 750
Pay your bills using CRED
Earn a CRED coin for every Rupee that you pay
Buy as many raffle tickets as you like with these coins
Buy raffle tickets with these coins
The more your raffle tickets, the higher your chances of driving a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

A fine example of keeping your customers happy, and giving them once in a lifetime opportunities that they will cherish forever. All possible because of gamification.

Some Stats on Gamification

  1. 93% of the marketers say they love gamification. ( )
  2. As per some recent studies, game-based motivation increases user engagement by 48%,( )
  3. Gamification is literally 75% psychology and 25% technology! ( )
  4. By incorporating gamification elements into their product, businesses claim to have experienced an increase in user engagement and website traffic. ( )
  5. The increasing accessibility of smartphones has widened the gamification possibilities considerably. ( )
  6. By 2021, gamification’s estimated global market value will likely rise to $11.94 billion.
    ( )

A largely successful concept, gamification is the key to enhancing the post-purchase customer journey. Simple and engaging games, reward points, friendly competitions, job aids, training videos, and much more fall under this banner.

At Karnival, we help you identify what works best for your brand when you implement Smart Receipts with us. Give your users a sense of growth and accomplishment with gamification, provide them with post-purchase satisfaction, and watch your brand grow exponentially.

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