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Why does every retailer need to incorporate cross-selling?

December 5, 2023

Nikhil Sharma

Vice President

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Boost sales & customer loyalty! Learn how to use e-receipts for cross-selling with recommended products, trial offers, and limited-time deals.

The world was slowly inching towards digital platforms and exploring the plethora of benefits they have to offer when tragedy struck. The COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill, however, for only a brief moment. Today, digital marketplaces, which were earlier considered to be secondary sales platforms, have become the catalysts of change.

"With every consumer fast tracking to digital for all their needs, most brands are failing to grasp the Achilles heel of selling online, and are thus unable to make the most of their digital presence. While it is no secret that brand loyalty comes with improved services, an aspect that needs to be paid attention to, now more than ever, is the post purchase customer journey"

What your customers feel after you’ve provided them with the services or products has the power to define your brand. Following the traditional approach, bills have only been considered a piece of paper with relevant purchase information. However, with digital bills or e-receipts, there are chances to enhance post-purchase customer experience, while improving brand presence.


Using e-receipts is an approach worth tapping into. It enables you to direct customers towards your sub-brands. Simply adding a small section of your subsidiaries not only points towards a brand’s thoughtfulness and post-purchase satisfaction but also adds to the bucket of sales. Following are some effective methods that let you harness the power of cross-selling with e-receipts:

  • Frequently purchased together - A very common method, it highlights the merchandise similar to the ones a consumer buys. This keeps the user interested in your products while educating them about your sub-brands.
  • Trial products - Digital bills or E-receipts with additional trial products are a great way to keep your customer hooked. Although the listing ideally includes not so expensive goods, this range of products can easily be added to impulse buys, thereby adding to overall sales.
  • Deals of the day/popular products - An excellent method to generate sales and increase your revenue is giving something personalised for a limited time. Intriguing the customer and letting them experience your offers just for a day is ideal to drive your post-purchase customer experience.

Some of the most renowned brands that have successfully implemented e-receipts for cross-selling includes Amazon. Buying pillows online? How about cute pillow covers to go along with it? Such recommendations not only direct customers towards their guilty pleasures, but drive brand value by targeting customers at the sweet spot.

Digital Bills act as the bridge between a customer and their loyalty towards your brand. Offering services or products that the customer did not ask for but received as a gesture places your brand higher, increasing the chances of their return.

A loyal customer is an asset and no amount of marketing can drive value like the age-old method of ‘word of mouth’. As a brand, the most crucial element branching out with every sale is trust. Optimally using the power of e-receipts lets your brand be in the customers’ good books.

Post purchase customer journey is an ongoing process, and the e-receipt that you offer your customers is the start of another odyssey. Based on the purchase, understanding what else your customers need and offering it along with the digital bills will give your brand just the right courtesy it needs.

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